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Why Buy a Franchise with Us? Because We Take the Benefits of Multi-Unit Ownership to the Next Level

Why buy a franchise?

It’s a good question, one that plenty of entrepreneurs ask themselves as they weigh their investment options and think about a BBQ chicken franchise versus one in another market or industry.

The benefits of becoming a franchisee are numerous, particularly when you join a brand like Church’s Texas Chicken®, one with decades of experience and a loyal customer base.

But what sets us apart?

How have we lasted for as long as we have, and what makes us such a premier investment? Keep reading for some answers.

We’re More than Good Food

There’s more to us than just good food — but let’s start there.  Our menu has been pleasing generations for over 70 years because, to us, food is more than a meal – it’s our passion. It’s an opportunity for us to help people get together and share good times and make some great memories. It’s big portions, bold Texas flavors, warm welcomes, and saving plenty of room for seconds. It’s life itself.

Our handcrafted, hand-battered chicken is still freshly prepared in small batches all day long, just as it was back in 1952 when our founder, George Church, opened our very first restaurant right across the street from the Alamo. With crispy goodness and handcrafted flavor, George started cooking up what today has become one of the largest QSR chicken chains in the world.

And while we’re an industry leader, with all the strengths and respect that come with that, it’s our homestyle menu and family-friendly prices that keep us at the forefront and that help our franchisees enjoy the kind of growth other brands can only dream of.

Keeping Things Simple

Our guests love the honest simplicity of our meals, sandwiches, and sides, and our franchisees love the simplicity of our operations. Our focus is on a limited menu, a tool for every task, friendly staff with clear responsibilities, and a solid grip on operational costs. We strive to deliver our products profitably and with a more efficient use of capital and employees.

It’s a less-is-more, lean-and-mean mentality that has allowed us to enjoy over 70 years of growth and has meant a quicker ROI for many of our franchisees. While other QSR brands might struggle to establish themselves or tinker with the model, we’ve never messed with a good thing. We’re exceptionally proud of our Texas heritage and let it inform everything we do.

Expert Training and Support

Our franchisees enter the QSR industry fully prepared to make the most of it, regardless of their past experience. We make sure they and their team leaders see complete pre-opening training that allows them to leverage our business model and industry relationships to the fullest. 

It starts with our Pathways to Excellence training program, during which time you and your team will benefit from workshops, seminars, and up to 150+ hours of in-restaurant training. You’ll also gain immediate access to our proprietary Operations Manual, which goes over every important standard, specification, process, and procedure we’ve put in place to help you run your franchise smoothly and efficiently.

Furthermore, each new franchise location is assigned a Regional Franchise Director (RFD) who provides essential ongoing support to aid in restaurant operations.

You’ll benefit from information and support on best practices that address development, training, budgeting, restaurant accounting, customer service, and much more. Our field operations team has extensive experience and is always available to share their knowledge with you, helping you to operate your restaurants smoothly and efficiently.

Targeted Marketing

We know successful multi-unit ownership depends heavily on consistent targeted marketing, so after your franchise doors open, you can count on our in-house marketing experts to develop national, regional, and local strategies that reach your best customers.

We’ll make sure they know all about your delicious homestyle menu items and will position your restaurants as the go-to place for affordable comfort food and warm memory-making. Getting the word out is critical, and our marketing team is dedicated to ensuring they do just that.

To find out more about the benefits of becoming a franchisee with Church’s Texas Chicken, reach out to our friendly franchise team today.


We’re a bold and innovative brand that just keeps growing — and we want you to be part of it. Check out our territories map to find out where we’ve identified areas that are perfect for your Church's Texas Chicken® restaurant franchise. Then reach out to one of our franchise team members to get the conversation going.
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