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Wondering About Some of Our Franchise Requirements? Here’s What We Like to See in a Great Franchisee Candidate

At Church’s Texas Chicken®, we’re exceptionally proud of the fact that thanks in part to our broad and inclusive franchise requirements, our franchisees come from a wide range of backgrounds.

But, while each one is certainly unique, they all have some characteristics in common, traits and assets that originally allowed them to stand out as candidates and that today serve them well as operating franchisees.

Here, we’ll take a look at some of the characteristics and qualifications we like to see in a strong quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchisee candidate.

The Right Mindset

We like to see candidates who have managerial experience and a QSR background, folks who are ready to build out a multi-unit franchise territory. 

But we also like to see investors who have the right mindset. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means they are…

  • Community Minded: The most successful Church’s Texas Chicken® franchisees know they are part of something bigger than themselves — their community — and they make sure to engage with it on a regular basis.

  • Committed to Excellence: Our franchisees are proud to be working under our recognized and respected brand name and know we didn’t get to be where we are without an unwavering commitment to excellence.

  • Bold Thinkers: The best of our franchisees are not afraid to think big and are not about to say no to an opportunity when it presents itself. They know success demands vision and follow-through, and they’re able to see the big picture.

Our Franchise Net Worth Requirements

A Church’s Texas Chicken® opportunity is a financial investment, and so in addition to candidates with the preferred background and attitude, we need to see those with the right financial qualifications. These include:

  •     A net worth of $2M
  •     Liquid capital of $1M

You will also be asked to pay one-time franchise and development fees that total $25K. As your initial investment, you can expect to pay between $805,225 and $1,896,300, depending on your location and chosen footprint. We don’t offer financing directly but can put you in touch with preferred lenders if necessary.

Multi-Unit Franchise Perks That Really Add Up

Another one of our franchise requirements is that candidates commit to building five Church’s Texas Chicken® restaurant franchises over five years.

We ask that you do this for several important reasons; building out your territory will add to the strength of the Church’s Texas Chicken® brand as a whole, benefiting all our franchisees. But multi-unit ownership comes with some invaluable perks that will directly benefit you and your locations along the way, including:

  •     Shared resources across locations
  •     Price breaks on supplies, inventory, marketing, and more
  •     A broader reach and customer base growth
  •     Access to more capital for quicker growth
  •     Lowered risk during economic shifts
  •     Better bottom-line growth

The fact is, multi-unit ownership is an incredibly popular approach that more and more franchisees are taking across dozens of industries, and when you become part of our brand family, it likely won’t take long for you to appreciate the benefits that come with it.

Expert Marketing Help

When it comes to marketing your QSR chicken franchise, it’s important to create messaging that’s consistent and that resonates with your best customers. Fortunately, as a Church’s Texas Chicken® franchisee, you won’t have to do this alone.

Our expert corporate marketing team makes sure to get the word out about your franchise with beautiful and engaging campaigns that feature our proprietary images and logos. Our fun and informative consumer website also reiterates everything your restaurant has to offer and features mouth-watering photos of our most popular menu items.

We know how important it is to remind your community of everything your Church’s Texas Chicken® franchise has to offer, so for the life of your business, we do all we can to help you get the word out. Our marketing support is just one way we show our commitment to your long term-growth.

To find out more about Church’s Texas Chicken® franchise net worth requirements, get in touch today.


We’re a bold and innovative brand that just keeps growing — and we want you to be part of it. Check out our territories map to find out where we’ve identified areas that are perfect for your Church's Texas Chicken® restaurant franchise. Then reach out to one of our franchise team members to get the conversation going.
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