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How We Help You Find and Build Out the Perfect Fried Chicken Franchise Locations

As any small business owner will tell you, one of the most important — if not the most important — factors in setting a business up for success is its location (1), and that’s certainly no different when it comes to Church’s Texas Chicken® fried chicken franchises. Franchise site selection is something we pay extremely close attention to, and we make sure to work side by side with new franchisees [LF1] to help them determine and build out a location that sets them up for growth — because we know the continued success of the Church’s Texas Chicken® brand depends very much on that of our franchisees.

That said, our team of real estate experts uses numerous criteria to help you settle on the best locations, including local zoning laws, competition, available parking, and more. Below are three more criteria we factor in when determining what makes a great Church’s Texas Chicken®  franchise location and where to open a restaurant with us.

The Right Demographics

Success in the restaurant industry depends a great deal on who your best customers are and where and how they live. We’ll help you determine the right area for your new franchise using industry-leading real estate planning and analytics software that pinpoint demographic data, including the number of households in an area, what the average income is, what the growth trends are, and more. We’ll also look at traffic patterns, including what the vehicle count is per day in that area, as well as what other restaurants are nearby, what complimentary businesses are next to you, and much more. This kind of information will be critical to determining where your new Church’s Texas Chicken® franchise should be located, and our real estate team [LF2] is made up of experts who know just what to help you look for — you can count on that!

Convenience Is Key

What good is a business if it can’t be easily accessed? It goes without saying that your new franchised chicken restaurant must be easy to get to, so we make sure all your Church’s Texas Chicken® restaurants will be in neighborhoods that allow for easy and convenient visits — whether your customers are enjoying drive-thru, take-out, or dine-in options — and that there’s plenty of available parking. The Church’s Texas Chicken® menu has been enjoyed for generations, and we want to make sure our wholesome and satisfying chicken meals, Honey Butter Biscuits™, and mouth-watering sides are as easy as possible to get to and enjoy for generations to come.

Visibility Matters

One of the best ways to grow your fried chicken franchises is to have them be seen by as many potential customers as possible. That means visibility matters. Our flexible restaurant footprints include freestanding, end-cap, and in-line locations, and all of them are meant for maximum exposure and visibility. Our team will help you decide which footprint is right for you at any given time, depending on your goals and resources, and will help you meet our restaurant standards when it comes to square footage, design, lighting, décor, and more. We’ll make sure your new restaurants stand out and are seen by all the members of your community.

After You’ve Found the Right Location for Your Fried Chicken Franchise

Ours is a detailed and collaborative site selection process that guides you every step of the way — and our attention to your new restaurant doesn't stop once you’ve identified the perfect location for it. With each Church’s Texas Chicken® fried chicken franchise that you open, you can count on us to provide you with standard plans and specifications, as well as access to the important vendors you’ll need to furnish your new location in the style and décor that defines our brand, and that makes us such a consumer favorite. We know how critical the right location is to our franchisees long-term growth and success. That means we’re with you every step of the way as you weigh your real estate options and ultimately decide on the best location for your restaurants!

Church’s Texas Chicken is committed to your growth as a franchisee. To find out more about our site selection process, get in touch [LF3] today!

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