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What Does a BBQ Chicken Franchise Cost Look Like, and What Does It Get You?

When you decide to make an investment in your Church’s Texas Chicken®  restaurants, you’re making a sound financial decision. Why? Because BBQ chicken franchise costs include just about everything you’ll need to open and operate smoothly, and gets you immediate access to a time-tested business model that takes the guesswork out of things. Beyond that, the Church’s Texas Chicken® restaurant franchise cost comes with some pretty important perks you simply won’t get with other industry or brand investments. Keep reading to find out more about them, as well as what some of our investment numbers look like.

Franchising Numbers to Consider

All franchise investments include certain figures that grant you access to a brand’s proprietary resources, copyrights, and logos, as well as its business model, training, marketing, and more. A chicken wing franchise investment is no different. Below are some of the figures you can expect to pay as our franchisee:

  • Franchise Fee: $15K
  • Development Fee: $10K
  • Monthly Royalty: 5%
  • Monthly Advertising Fee: 5%

Your total initial investment in a new free-standing Church's Texas Chicken® restaurant will range from $681,500 to $1,543,117, depending on your location and chosen footprint. But wherever you decide to open, and no matter what your restaurant’s footprint, you’ll enjoy the unique perks of our brand that will position you for growth.

The Benefits of a BBQ Chicken Franchise

Becoming a Church's Texas Chicken® franchisee means you’ll be serving handmade, wholesome, and delicious menu items that have become favorites in communities across the country and the world. It also means you’ll benefit from some important brand perks that will make your investment an even smarter one. Below are just a few of them.

Entry into a Robust Market

Put simply, ours is an industry that shows no signs of slowing down. People love fried chicken, especially when it’s prepared the Church's Texas Chicken® way. We’re the third-largest bone-in chicken brand out there, with a very long history of serving up affordable homemade meals and sides to satisfied customers of all ages. We’re leaders in the quick-service restaurant industry, and your partnership with us will put you in the middle of a market that we dominate!

Industry Expertise

We have decades of experience behind us and use it to innovate and educate. Our franchisees gain immediate access to our expertise and can count on it to run their restaurants, plan their growth, and exceed their customers’ expectations. We’re always looking for new ways to satisfy our guests’ demands for great food at a great price, and our deep industry knowledge gives us — and you — the competitive edge.

Brand Name Recognition

Church’s Texas Chicken® is a name people know and trust. For generations, we’ve been there for our guests as they celebrate game wins, milestone birthdays, summer get-togethers, and much more. When you open your Church's Texas Chicken® franchise, you can immediately take advantage of our brand name recognition, our reputation for excellence, and our passion for community involvement.

A Commitment to the Success of Each Franchisee

Above all else, we’re committed to your growth. We know the Church's Texas Chicken® brand has stood the test of time to a very large degree thanks to the hard work and successes of our franchise family — the men and women who own and operate their restaurants and who are the faces of the Church’s Texas Chicken® brand.

We know you have choices when it comes to investing in a franchise brand. Still, it’s important to factor in everything your money gets you in the way of brand stability and recognition, research and development, training and support, and more. We’re confident that once you do, you’ll come away with a full appreciation of just what a value the Church’s Texas Chicken® investment truly is.

To find out more about our franchising opportunities and the Church’s Texas Chicken® restaurant franchise cost and all it gets you, reach out today!


We’re a bold and innovative brand that just keeps growing — and we want you to be part of it. Check out our territories map to find out where we’ve identified areas that are perfect for your Church's Texas Chicken® restaurant franchise. Then reach out to one of our franchise team members to get the conversation going.
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