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If you’re a seasoned investor ready to add an industry-leading QSR brand to your portfolio, our chicken franchises in Chicago are the way to grow. Church’s Texas Chicken® is a beloved legacy brand, one that’s been putting smiles on faces for over 70 years, and we’ve identified the bustling Windy City as the perfect place for our brand to keep doing so. Find out more about why we’ve set our sights on the metro Chicago area.

Why Consider Our Chicken Restaurant Franchise in Chicago?

Chicago has one of the most diversified urban economies in the US and stands out as a top city for corporate relocations and expansions. Its vibrant culture and lively arts scene might only be outdone by its beauty — Chicago, known for its parks and gardens and its livable infrastructure, was voted the second-most beautiful city in the world in a 2021 industry survey. Add to that a business climate that caters to entrepreneurship, and you can begin to appreciate why we’ve tapped Chicago as a place for the Church’s Texas Chicken® brand to grow.

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Open your Church’s Texas Chicken® Franchise in These Counties for Faster Growth!

Chicago is located in Cook County, the most populous in Illinois, and is the third largest metro area in the US. It’s surrounded by numerous other thriving “collar counties,” all of which would make perfect locations for your QSR franchise…

  • DuPage County

    There are plenty of families — over 325K households — in DuPage County that will love your Church’s Texas Chicken® menu. As a more affluent area, folks here will likely enjoy eating out on a regular basis and will turn to your Church’s Texas Chicken® restaurant to do so.

  • Will County

    At just over 700K inhabitants, Will County is Illinois’ fourth most populous, and has a lot to offer your Church’s Texas Chicken® franchise. Small businesses, in particular, seek out this county for its low taxes and fees, affordable real estate, and accommodating business environment.

  • McHenry County

    This county, the sixth-most populated in the state, has long been known as a center of recreation and has recently experienced rapid rates of suburban and urban growth, while the western portions of the county remain primarily agricultural and rural — a mixed demographic that will serve your franchise well.

  • Kane County

    This heavily populated county is blessed with numerous nature preserves, historic sites, and trails. Maybe that’s why over 100K families call the county home. They’ll look forward to your Church’s Texas Chicken’s® wholesome and affordable menu time and time again for a delicious meal at a family-friendly price.

  • Lake County

    Situated in the northeastern corner of the state and along the shores of Lake Michigan, this county offers picturesque scenery and thousands of suburban households that are part of a 700K+ population. Lake County also boasts a thriving business climate, great public schools, and affordable housing — making this county a great one for your restaurant.

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Our Industry Is Tastier than Ever!

Fried chicken is a consumer favorite, one that will likely always appeal to millions of diners. Just take a look at these figures:
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US market size of the chicken franchise industry in 2022
Icon awesome globe americas
projected size of the takeout fried chicken market by 2030
Icon metro spoon fork
average US market size growth of the chicken franchise industry between 2017 and 2022

Furthermore, it’s predicted that North America will likely be responsible for over 30% of the takeout fried chicken market share, spending a total of $2.56B at quick-service fried chicken restaurants.

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Establish Your Brand Presence Right from the Start

If you’re excited to add a chicken restaurant franchise in Chicago to your portfolio, have at least three years of QSR experience and the financial resources — $1M in liquidity — to build your Church’s Texas Chicken® empire right out of the gate, we’re ready to go! We’re looking for investors who can commit to developing a minimum of five restaurants over a five-year period.

WHY Church's Texas Chicken®

We’ll Help You Find the Perfect Location for Your Chicken Franchise in Chicago

If your franchise isn’t easy to find and easy to get to, it won’t flourish. That’s why our real estate and site selection experts do in-depth analyses of any potential Church’s Texas Chicken® location before you settle on the right one. Just a few of the considerations we make include:

  • Demographics
  • Traffic patterns
  • Foot traffic
  • Available parking
  • Complimentary businesses
  • Competition
  • Zoning
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Our ongoing support includes expert marketing help, a business model that takes the guesswork out of things, continued innovations, and so much more.
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We’re a bold and innovative brand that just keeps growing — and we want you to be part of it. Check out our territories map to find out where we’ve identified areas that are perfect for your Church's Texas Chicken® restaurant franchise. Then reach out to one of our franchise team members to get the conversation going.
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